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George Harrison: “Extra Texture” LP

Exceptional quality copy of George Harrison’s Extra Texture LP. Strong clear signatures to the front cover. Extra Texture (Read All


George Harrison: Rare Hand Signed “Gone Troppo” LP

George Harrison hand signed “Gone Troppo” LP, signed at George’s home recording studios in Henley-On-Thames in late 1988. Gone Troppo


The Beatles Autograph

It was identified that this album has been signed by George Harrison from Ewbanks auctions on August 30 2014. However we don’t know if the other Beatles signed the rest of the LP sleeve. This is up to the buyer to do research before purchase. As such, we have priced this product as is only signed by George Harrison, the COA will also reflect this. In the opinion of Presley Collectibles, the George Harrison and Ringo Starr signatures appear in order, the John Lennon and Paul McCartney signatures appear less so.

The Beatles Autographs For Sale
The Beatles Autographs For Sale

The Beatles Autographs For Sale

The Beatles Autographs For Sale. A very rare opportunity to purchase a complete set of Beatles autographs. “Hand signed” (maybe preprinted)  in blue ink, The Beatles Autographs. Worldwide shipping is available.

The Beatles Hair Collection
The Beatles Hair Collection COAs

The Beatles Hair Collection

Genuine The Beatles Hair Collection complete with three COAs and a market leading unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.