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June 2014 Featured Item – JFK Hand Signed Document

Isla Reid of London, UK has chosen this months featured item, and received a one off 15% discount by way of a thank you. Isla is a regular customer of wwww.presleycollectibles.com and we appreciate her repeat custom.

This month’s featured item is a very rare, investment quality piece of John F Kennedy paperwork. In exceptional condition with very minor creasing and yellowing.


Typed letter signed on onion skin paper as President. This copy was presented to the President in 1962 for signature. A close friend of Kennedy, (a former Miss America Beauty Contestant of the 1940’s) obtained the signature. A most unusual format and possibly a unique item, certainly a very rare offering. Contents read:

“May 25, 1949

Hon. John F Kennedy, M.C., House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

Dear Jack: Nice going through the “Brass” bill. It has made a hit with all I’ve talked with. When you are next in Boston, Charlie Devens, Roger Hallowell and Rex and I and possibly Jack Kiley would like to sit down with you to discuss a problem that plaques our First District very much and the other Districts to a lesser or greater degree.  On the Senior Scout Cruising plans, we are working with Com. Jack Leary who has been very helpful.  National Council Meeting went off very well. Wish you might have been with us.  Cordially, Arthur E Jenner, Assistant Scout Executive.”

Strong Kennedy signature added in 1962 whilst in office, blue ink, bottom right hand corner of the page.


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