How to Protect Your Collectibles While Moving
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How to Protect Your Collectibles While Moving

How to Protect Your Collectibles While Moving. If you’re moving, then you might have nightmares about something happening to your favorite collectibles during your move. Depending on what you choose to collect, some items might be irreplaceable while others would cost you quite a bit to replace. Our team here at Presley Collectibles knows that moving valuables can be difficult — especially the really rare stuff. We also know how to get it done. Here are some tips on How to Protect Your Collectibles While Moving:

Packing China, Glassware and Other Fragile Items

If you have small items, start by putting them in a dish protector sleeve for extra protection. Then, put some crushed paper in the bottom of a packing box. Wrap each individual piece in bubble wrap. Now, put a layer of crumpled paper around the item.

Place all of it in the packing box, right side up. If you have several fragile items, then you may want to consider putting them all in the same box. Never put more than 40 pounds in a single box.

Packing Boxed Collectibles

If your collectible is in its own original box, then it’s essential to protect the box along with the item in it. If you aren’t moving the boxed item directly to your new home, then consider that some storage units offer climate control and insurance. You’ll know that it will be safe when you return, or that you’ll be fairly compensated for its value.

Start by packing your collectibles in acid-free packing paper, and then place them right-side up inside another box. If you need to use tape, then make sure that you are only taping to the paper and not to the valuable box. Finish by placing a layer of crushed paper in the packing box to add extra cushioning before carefully sealing and labeling the box.

Packing Paper Documents

If your collection includes paper items in frames or books, then wrap the frame or book in several layers of packing paper. If you have loose papers, then consider enclosing them in a frame or book before the move. Documents that need to be left loose should be carefully wrapped in acid-free paper. Roll up any posters and insert them into poster tubes.

Packing Coin Collections

If you have a valuable coin collection, then you may want to hire an armored truck to drive it to your new home. Most moving companies’ insurance policies will not cover losses to coin collections. If you can’t afford that option, consider putting the coins in protective sleeves and wrapping them in acid-free paper. Put them in a box, but ensure that the box does not weigh more than 40 pounds.

Following these simple packing tips can help ensure that no prized item gets broken in transit to your home. If your home isn’t ready yet, then consider renting a storage unit until it is prepared. That way, your items remain secure until you are ready for them.

Now you know how to Protect Your Collectibles While Moving