Charlie Chaplin Owned Items Collection
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Charlie Chaplin Owned Items Collection

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Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) A collection of items including an oil lamp, desk lamp, shells & other items from the Flat of Charlie Chaplin. From the estate of Glynis Heslop, and from the Flat of Charlie Chaplin,the base of the lamp reads in period ink ‘This Lamp was purchased by Charlie Chaplin from me to furnish his flat in 15 Glenshaw Mansions, Brixton Road together with most other items. Glynis repurchased them in 1910 when Charlie Chaplin sailed for Canada and the USA as a featured player with the Fred Karno Repertoire Company as a comedian.

Condition Report: Good. Lamp will need to be pat tested.

Provenance: Supplied with a letter from the estate of Glynis Heslop and a copy of the pages from Charlie Chaplin – My autobiography where he mentions going to a second hand shop in Newington to purchase items to furnish his flat at 15 Gelnshaw mansions, Brixton road.

This collection of items will be available for sale on in October 2014. Contact us at if you would like to negotiate a pre-delivery discount.

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