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12″ Blank Audiodisc Acetate


12″ Blank Audiodisc Acetate.

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12″ Blank Audiodisc Acetate. Worldwide shipping is available.

Disc condition – average (several scratches which may affect the playing).

Cover condition – average (showing creases consummate with age).

Audiodisc was an American brand of blank lacquer disc made by Audio Devices Inc., USA under license from Pyral France, the inventor of the lacquer disc. Prior to the advent of the lacquer disc, master discs for record manufacture were cut on wax. The business was sold to Capitol Records and re-branded as “Apollo Audio Discs”. With the downturn of the vinyl format in the late 80s, Capitol sold the Apollo business to one of their suppliers and the new business, Apollo Masters Corporation is one of only two manufacturers of lacquer discs remaining in the world today.

All mayor record labels in the day used these acetates including Capitol and Sun.

Often called “acetates”. lacquer discs are used for instantaneous playback records and master discs for manufacture of records. Blank discs are placed on the turntable of the disc cutting lathe and a music groove is cut into the blank surface. Prior to widespread usage of magnetic tape, radio stations and studios all used disc cutting lathes. It was not unusual for an artist to leave the recording studio with an “acetate” under their arm or record company staff to have a few discs cut to rush them to radio stations for promotional use.

“Acetates” are lathe-cut records. They are not record pressings and they have never seen the inside of a record press.

12″ Blank Audiodisc Acetate. Worldwide shipping is available.

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