Memorabilia News

Latest Acquisitions At Auction


PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES is pleased to announce we have secured numerous items from an auction house in New York, from their worldwide Rock and Roll Pop Culture Auction.  The highlights of our new acquistions are:

  • Elvis Presley Twice Signed 1972 Las Vegas Hilton Summer Festival Menu
  • Elvis Presley Signed & Inscribed Chevron Receipt
  • Elvis Signed & Inscribed Tankcasters Fan Club Newsletter
  • Britney Spears Signed and Inscribed Hat
  • Gina Lollobrigida Signed & Inscribed “Modern Photography” Magazine
  • Leslie Caron Signed & Inscribed “Modern Photography” Cover
  • Isabel Bigley and Virginia Mayo Signed “Modern Photography” Covers
  • An archive of eleven black and white original photographs of Hollywood stars, including Eartha Kitt

We are also negotiating on an Elvis Presley owned and used concert tour briefcase! These items will be added to the website shortly after delivery.