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2017 Anniversaries

2017 Anniversaries

Dealers and collectors alike know there are two events certain to increase the value of a celebrities memorabilia;

  1. Their death
  2. A significant anniversary

2016 saw an unprecedented number of celebrity deaths, you can read more here. CLICK 

2017 will see a number of significant anniversaries that you may wish to plan for:

75th anniv. Stephen Hawking is born
50th anniv. Donald Campbell’s fatal crash
15th anniv. Launch of the Euro
95th anniv. Ernest Shackleton died

20th anniv Dolly the sheep was cloned
75th anniv The fall of Saigon
40th anniv Pompidou centre opened
30th anniv Women priests Synod vote

MARCH 2017
30th anniv. The Zeebrugge ferry disaster
85th anniv. Pu Yi enthroned First Emperor of Manchukuo
100th anniv. Tsar Nicolas II abdication
85th anniv. Charles Lindbergh III kidnapped

APRIL 2017
100th anniv. USA declares war on Germany
100th anniv. Birth of Ella Fitzgerald
80th anniv. Guernica, Spain is bombed
30th anniv. of the Falklands invasion
150th anniv. of Wilbur Wright

MAY 2017
The Chelsea flower show
50th anniv. Mass strike action in France
50th anniv. Hydro-Electric dam opened in Iran
25th anniv. Liverpool football club win the FA cup
50th anniv. Sweden introduces right hand drive

50th anniv The start of the six day war
20th anniv The Hong Kong handover
25th anniv The Brazil Earth Summit
60th anniv The first Premium Bond was issued

JULY 2017
80th anniv. Amelia Earhart disappeared
65th anniv. Eva Peron died
60th anniv. Prince Karim becomes Aga Khan IV
55th anniv. First passenger hovercraft enters service

55th anniv. Marilyn Monroe’s death
40th anniv. Elvis Presley’s death
20th anniv. Princess Diana’s death
30th anniv. Rudolph Hess’ death
75th anniv. The Battle of Stalingrad

40th anniv. Marc Bolan’s death
40th anniv. Steve Biko’s death
45th anniv. Israeli Olympic team killed
45th anniv. The ‘Cod War’ started

60th anniv. Christian Dior dies
50th anniv. Coronation of the Shah of Iran
35th anniv. The Mary Rose was recovered
15th anniv. Moscow theatre siege

75th anniv. French fleet scuttled in Toulon
70th anniv. UN votes for partition of Palestine
40th anniv. Sadat visits Israel
25th anniv. Church of England vote to ordinate women

30th anniv. Reagan and Gorbachev sign INF treaty
50th anniv. First human heart transplant
20th anniv. Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned
10th anniv. Benazir Bhutto assassinated