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Lee Mitton, owner of PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES, is to appear on ‘Four Rooms’, the Channel Four television programme.

‘Four Rooms’ has been running since 2011. If you’re unfamiliar with the programme, the format sees members of the public attempt to sell valuable and collectible items in exchange for a cash offer from one of the expert dealers present in each of the four rooms. If the seller turns down an offer in a particular room, they are not allowed to return to that room and have to take a chance that another dealer in a different room will make them a better offer.

At the time of going to press (Thursday 28 November), Lee was at the Boundless Production studios filming an ‘Elvis Special’ episode. His aim is to sell the army dress hat worn by Elvis Presley during his time in the army.

“I bought the Elvis army hat at auction in New York in 2011 and it is one of the most talked about items for sale on the website,” says Lee. “It always attracts a lot of attention and I was hoping for a similar reaction from the dealers. The production team at Boundless were very keen to have the hat on the programme and it’s exciting to be able to show it to a wider audience as well as raise the profile of my website.”

Rock and roll memorabilia collector

“Despite the name (which I chose to aid search engine optimisation), Elvis artefacts account for only five per cent of the collection,” explained Lee. “I have a wide-range of items from fully signed ABBA LPs to a hand-signed Nirvana guitar, Barbra Streisand’s clothing collection (from her charity auction), a Black Sabbath fully signed drum skin, even Jimi Hendrix’s owned and signed wool jumper!”

At the time of writing, Lee is unsure when the programme will be aired, but to find out if he managed to sell Elvis’s army dress hat, look out for the Four Rooms Elvis Special on Channel 4 some time next year.

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