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Does Condition Matter? How It Affects Your Investment

Does Condition Matter? A collectible’s condition can directly affect its value and your ability to resell it at the right time. Lower quality items may not be worthwhile since their sale price may not cover your costs to acquire and maintain them. But, how can you ascertain the condition of a collectible? So Does Condition Matter?

What Each Condition Means

The listing for a collectible usually contains a grade that denotes its condition. There are six grades of condition you’ll see when shopping collectibles items:

  • Mint condition means the item is in perfect condition, has all its packaging, and has never been used.
  • Near-mint condition indicates the item is in perfect condition but doesn’t have its original packaging or the packaging itself isn’t perfect.
  • Excellent condition is given to items which have been gently used and show only very minor signs of normal wear.
  • Very good condition means the item looks very good but has minor defects or light colour fading.
  • Good condition indicates the item has seen a fair amount of use and may have a moderate number of tears, cracks, chips, and other signs of wear like colour loss.
  • Poor condition signifies an item that’s very worn or has severe damage and may have little or no collectable value.

Of course, the better the item’s condition, the more attractive it will be to other collectors and the more likely you will be to see a profit from your investment. If you want to keep your item in the best condition, it’s important to make sure that you store it properly as well.

Know What You’re Looking At

It’s worthwhile to study up on what you want to collect so you have an idea of what it should look like at various stages, whether it’s authentic, and what a good deal might look like. You also want to know when it’s time to bring in an expert. Experts do cost money, but they can save you time, money, and frustration by protecting you from counterfeit items and otherwise assuring you that the item is all the seller claims.

Hazards to Watch Out For

Some collectibles may have temperature or humidity considerations in order to protect them from damage or deterioration. While beginning collectors may worry about theft first; there are other risks that are more likely.

Your collectibles may suffer damage from fire, wind, flood, earthquake, or other environmental hazards, like pests. In many states, bugs such as silverfish can eat through many of your collectibles, ruining their value. These nocturnal pests can eat through fabric, paper, glue, photos, and more, so you should figure regular pest control into your preservation costs.

So, does condition matter? You bet it does, and preserving that condition by any means within your control is imperative. It can make the difference between seeing a profit from your investment and taking a loss.

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