Creating a Collectible Showroom
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Creating a Collectible Showroom

Creating a Collectible Showroom: Scores of people across the world collect all sorts of things. Whether it’s done an investment for the future or just for the fun of it, collecting is a time-honored tradition in all walks of life. One of the best parts of collecting anything is showing it off, preferably in a fancy showroom. How do you set one of those up, though? Try out these three tips for creating a collectible showroom.

Make Some Room

If you’re going to have a showroom, you’re going to need some room. Both a physical space to display your collectibles and the space to do so within there are vital to properly showcasing what you have. Try to find a place that’s big enough for your things without being so big as to make things look empty. It’s also important to keep things cleaned up. Too much clutter can have some serious consequences not just for your collection, but for you as well. Leaving things from random paper to garbage to anything else that might be lying around invites bugs and makes your collection look less valuable. Regular cleaning is a good way to keep this from happening.

Proper Lighting

What good is a collection if you can’t even see it? Proper lighting serves two important functions in any collectible show room. While the first is simply visibility, it’s also important to consider what the proper lighting actually is for your things. Artificial and natural light can have adverse effects on different types of goods, especially paper. If you collect things like trading cards, comic books or artwork, avoid light sources that emit infrared or ultraviolet, which can bleach out and warp paper. Instead, when creating a collectible showroom, try lighting your show room with LEDs, given that they emit virtually none of either type of light.


Security is an integral part of any collection. It’s nice to want to show off the things you hold dear, but a room full of vulnerable valuables is like an invitation for disaster. Not only do you have to be worried about thieves and the like, but you also need to have some kind of defense against fires, natural disasters and other problems that could destroy your entire collection in one fell swoop. Putting locks on display cases, installing safety glass and having a sprinkler system in the room are all good moves for keeping your collection safe.

Creating a Collectible Showroom

Collecting is all fun and games until you’re stuck with a load of great stuff and no way to show it off. Solve this problem and several others that might pop up in the future by employing these three tips for creating a collectible showroom.

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