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Stevie Wonder: Owned, Used and Hand Signed Hohner Harmonica


John Lennon Owned Small Box


Barbra Streisand Owned Black Sweater


Lady Gaga Owned and Worn Chanel Sunglasses


Christina Aguilera: Owned and Worn Hat


Sheryl Crow Cowboy Boots.


Catherine Bach Daisy Duke Hand Signed Jean Shorts

£350.85 £295.35

Dean Martin Memorabilia


David Bowie Portrait 1998


David Bowie Portrait 1997


Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia


David Bowie Self Portrait


Elvis Presley Memorabilia


Madonna Memorabilia


John Lennon Owned Parasol


John Lennon Owned Japanese Baskets


John Lennon Owned Inlay Box


John Lennon Owned Black Box


John Lennon Owned Brown Tray


John Lennon Owned Black Tray


John Lennon Owned Japanese Items Collection


Matt Damon Movie Worn Suit – The Adjustment Bureau


Britney Spears Owned Red Dress


Lady Gaga Owned Red Top


Carrie Underwood Owned Black Dress


Carrie Underwood Owned Brown Gown


Christina Aguilera Owned Bustier


Barbra Streisand Owned Wool Pants