Prince and Michael Jackson Feud
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Prince and Michael Jackson Feud

Prince and Michael Jackson Feud

The feud between two of music’s biggest entertainers started back in 1982 when Michael Jackson’s Thriller album outsold Prince’s 1999 album. The Purple One then followed up with Purple Rain, and Jackson reportedly attended several of Prince’s shows to study his competition on tour.

Jackson later decided to ask Prince to join the recording of “We Are the World” in 1985, but Prince refused. MJ then asked if he would do a duet and appear in the video for “Bad,” but Prince declined that offer as well and later told MTV, “That Wesley Snipes character. That would have been me.”

Mutual friend said he tried to make peace in 2006. However, Jackson called Prince “a meanie” for playing an “aggressive” guitar solo in his face.

Sadly, it seems the two never made up. Jackson died at his home in 2009 and Prince at his home in 2016.

It was inevitable that these two colossus’s of the music world would be compared to each other, especially since they showed up to a lot of the same places at the same time. Some have even attempted to judge which one is the superior artist, though never satisfactorily.

Prince has won his fair share of Grammy awards for his sound tracks and rock performances. Don’t forget about a trove of MTV awards. But Michael Jackson really takes the prize for winning the most prizes. Check out his collection: 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammy awards, and 26 American Music Awards. Add the award for winning the most awards of any musical artist, and you’ve got a trophy shelf that shines like the sun.

Prince had a vocal range that spanned 4.5 octaves. Michael Jackson only sang in 3.3 octaves.

MJ had a unique and amazing method of composing his songs: He would come into the studio and sing each note and strain of the melody and the orchestration. Then someone else would notate for him. Although the King could only play a few instruments at a basic level and wasn’t able to read or write music, the man was still conceiving his own songs. 

Prince, however, conceptualized and wrote all his own music. And he is famous for being able to expertly play several instruments. Early in his career he wowed a music reporter when he invited her into the recording studio and started riffing on all the instruments that were there. Rolling Stone also listed him as the 33rd best guitarist in the world.

If we are talking straight record sales, then Michael Jackson has sold an estimated 300-350 million records, Prince an estimated 100-120 million.

So, whilst this poll is open to all, we would especially like to hear from fans of Michael and Prince. Who was better?

Who was better? Michael Jackson or Prince?

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