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New Stock Arriving Soon

We have new stock arriving most days, and attend auctions most weeks. As a result we have many items waiting to be cataloged, photographed, researched and published on the main site.

On our “Presley Collectibles Lite” site we publish some of our latest acquisitions, prior to publication on the main site. You can view these by clicking on the following link:


If you see something you like in the following videos please drop us a line as we sometimes negotiate discounts. 

In our last mailshot to members, three customers took advantage of making a purchase prior to us publishing to the general public.

They saved an average of 23% and we saved time and effort cataloging and publishing the items. Everyone Wins!


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We email our subscribers about once per month (unless we have something exciting to share). We let members know ahead of time of general sales, pre-publication discounts, free worldwide shipping events and access to our annual sales.