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Elvis Presley Hand Signed Cheque

Our good friend Lesley Pilling has emailed us to let us know her Elvis Presley hand signed Cheque is coming up for sale at auction. This is from her personal collection, and she writes:

“Elvis Presley signed cheque and documents relating to the purchase of Circle G Ranch. The cheque is written to Jack Adams dated February 9 1067, in the amount $5,000, numbered 2703 and drawn from Elvis’ personal account.

Elvis Presley hand signed cheque

Elvis Presley hand signed cheque

The cheque is accompanied by a three page typed inventory written by Vernon Presley that lists the fees for horses and equipment and a section of adding machine tape calculating the expenses and a certificate of authenticity from EPE.”

We have seen the items and they are amazing, good luck Lesley! For more information please contact