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eBay Seller Restriction – Resolution


We are pleased to report that eBay have today removed the seller restriction placed on PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES. The restriction was recorded in their Sports and Memorabilia categories. We would like to reiterate that PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES fully respect eBay’s policies on the resale of autographs and memorabilia, and support their efforts in removing fake goods and fraudulent sellers.

It transpires the restriction was recorded on two counts;

  1. A complaint was logged from a buyer in Russia who wished to pay for only three of the four items he won, and wanted to do so outside of eBay / PayPal (bank transfer.) As this falls outside of eBay’s seller protection eBay upheld our concerns about this complaint.
  2. PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES were advertising two items, bought in good faith, from Autographs America, a dealer in The States who is being CONSIDERED for removal from the eBay safe list.  Given the doubts around their merchandise, PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES have removed all Autographs Americas items from our collection (4 items). eBay have accepted these items were bought in good faith, will be removed from sale on their site (and ours) and as a result have reinstated full seller privileges.

We can therefore reassure all our valued customers that the merchandise available for sale through www.presleycollectibles.com are genuine and are backed by our no questions asked money back guarantee. This is the first occasion in over 30 years where items for sale have been questioned and there were though a 3rd party – a valuable lesson learnt!

Thank you again.


Lee Mitton