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Circle G Foundation


Visit the BRAND NEW website CIRCLEGFOUNDATION  for further information about the campaign, where you can donate, leave your comments and ideas and help make a difference

The Circle G Ranch is also known as the “honeymoon cottage,” and was once the honeymoon hideaway for one of the most iconic couples of all time: Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Near the corner of Goodman Road and Highway 301 in Horn Lake, Miss., this unassuming red-brick house is backed by more than 150 acres of rolling pasture land, but even with its white columns and green roof, it isn’t much to look at!

UPDATE:  Lee Mitton of PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES has become a UK Ambassador for the Circle G Foundation.

The Circle G Foundation – an international non-profit organisation – has been formed to see the honeymoon cottage restored to its former glory. United in a common goal, this army of devoted Elvis fans will

• Continue their search to find an investor to work with them.

• Launch their own fundraising initiatives

• Petition US government and relevant authorities to help them realise the significance of the site and how important it is not only in the Elvis story but also its value as a tourist attraction with the potential to generate revenue for the local community


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