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Buddy Holly 3 x Signed 78rpm


PRESLEY | COLLECTIBLES has uploaded photos of three hand signed Buddy Holly original 78rpm records. You can view the high definition pictures by clicking on the record name below:

Maybe Baby” and “Listen to Me” have been signed by Buddy Holly, Joe B. Mauldin and Jerry Allison;  “Peggy Sue” has been signed by Buddy Holly.

Given their age, all three singles are in exceptional condition. The signatures are strong and clear.

Footnote: I read a recollection from an Abbey Road engineer that 40 rpm was experimented with prior to arriving at 45; the fact that 33 and 45 added together makes 78 may or may not be co-incidental in arriving at the latter figure. The hard-wearing shellac 78 was more expensive to produce than a plastic 7′ 45 and thus the latter was favoured by record labels.